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Nawarit Chaffe Cups & Tray Set

Nawarit Chaffe Cups & Tray Set


This set includes:
-6 Fine Porcelain Chaffe Cups featuring the Nawarit design
-One Brass Tray with the Nawarit design engraved into it, flared edge design.

Nawarit loosely translates to “It is now shining and sunny” in Arabic. Often used as a term to greet someone that one is happy to see, the deeper meaning is that things are now sunny and bright. When designing our first collection, we could think of no term more positive and happy than Nawarit. We hope this collection lets the sun come out for you too!


Cup Dimensions: h5.1 x w7cm
Tray Dimensions: 32cmx20.5cm


Available in Chaffe Cups, Espresso Cups and bowls.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand Wash Only

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