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Luxurious, contemporary, and curated.

House of NB is a luxury home décor, furniture & interior design company. At House of NB we hone and unfold the art of transforming interior spaces to create tailored destinations and experiences that is beautiful and functional. Our luxury interior design services encompasses total, turnkey solutions for our clients. We design every aspect; from start to finish and even interior styling that includes the procurement of art and decor.

Exclusive Distributor to Hector Landgrave

Exclusive Distributor to Hector Landgrave

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Furniture is a long-term investment, it enriches your life in countless quiet ways and lifts your surroundings to the privileged level that you deserve.


We work well with some recognised brands and also offer services where we source furnitures, products to suit our clients.

We aim to offer the best quality and value to your projects. 

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