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The Private Label

"I came to know about the brand in a newsletter. The luxurious design and craftsmanship spoke to me and sets itself apart. When you're scouting for new brands and designs, to me it's bringing about occasions and sparkles. It's also about filling new spaces with value for the future," said our Founder.

The Private Label Group was built under a dream of two seekers who believe that every creative mind must get recognition for breaking patterns and standards, for being bold by daring to think differently.

Born in the heart of the Portuguese craftsmanship - Paços de Ferreira, a place where all the best Portuguese furniture brands gather for producing -, the Private Label Group is the result of the passion for design and, above all, the need to glorify the art of craftsmanship.

Mezzo Collection is the response to an urge to create mid-century inspired furniture with a modern signature.

The brand gathers its inspiration from the everyday life of the golden years, from music to art and entertainment to politics. It seeks to find a perfect balance between the timeless and modern aesthetics and the vintage design, creating a harmonious encounter amidst the past and present. Each piece of furniture represents a glorious travel through the 50s and 60s, by retrieving the vintage classics yet reinterpreted with a modern twist.

From many of the brands The Private Label has, we are most excited by the Mezzo Collection. There is something about its aesthetics that's unique yet so sophisticated. To all our customers who are looking for a mid century style furniture which feels fresh and contemporary, we strongly recommend Mezzo Collection.

Read more on an interview piece between our Founder and The Private Label:


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