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Luxury Interior Design Tips

The idea that a luxurious home can only be attained with a big budget is not always correct. In fact, with some small but specific changes, even a middle-class residence can appear to be extremely sophisticated and put together.


It's all about the sofa. The sofa will always dominate any living room, in the same way that the bed is a protagonist of a bedroom design story.

Deep colour creates drama. The marble wall is matched with two accent chairs in the same shade, but orange cushions/materials and ambient lighting lift and enrich the look.

Don't forget the rug. Area rugs are a great way to fill up the empty floor place and choosing a simple but sophisticated design will automatically elevate the project.

Connect with the great outdoors – whether that’s a garden or a balcony. If your living room makeover is set to stretch as far as architectural remodelling, a retractable glass wall is a great way to blow the budget.

A pale room palette can be warmed with generous natural wood panelling which adds a luxurious feel to a space too.

Luxury leather sofas have always cost an arm and a leg, but there are plenty of smart and cruelty-free alternatives on the market nowadays.

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