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Hommes Studio

HOMMÉS was born from a skilled merge of visionary identities, with distinctive perspectives of design, art, fashion, and cultures. The vision of Hommes Studio is pretty much aligned to NBStyle; to create a unique identity where no two piece are the same, regardless of products or interior spaces. Have a look at its catalogue and you'll know what I mean!

Working with the brand was a no brainer for us since it was love at first sight. Designers are often tempted to overdesign or “style” an object or interior rather than design it. Some of the most beautiful objects of the 20th century are beautiful because they were the result of purely functional considerations. Thankfully all is not lost in todays time, where we are able to combine the beauty of art, design and fashion yet maintaining its functional characteristics.

Hommes brands life motto is introducing an Haute Couture concept in the interior design industry.

At NBStyle, we believe and love experiences, the finest details, uniqueness and expressing emotions. We make sure our design team challenges themselves by taking advantage of the entire process when designing an interior space and we believe it is no different in Hommes Studio, which is situated in Porto.

If you're looking to get art-like furniture pieces in your homes, we strongly recommend Hommes.


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