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Bessa Design

A Portuguese Art & Design brand. One of the first few brands our Founder, Nilufer Banu worked with since establishing NB Style.

Antique Tables_NBStyle
Liberty Armchair_NBStyle

Unique! A word that best describes the brand and what we look for as distributors at NBStyle. As quoted from our Founder; "It's a joy to work with Bessa. Such a great team and beautiful brand! A brand any art/furniture lover will appreciate." Bessa’s creations are exclusive. They are luxurious author’s pieces that can only be found in Bessa. The pieces are designed and handmade just for this brand. All its creations are designed to fulfill the requirements of exclusive clients, who demand the best for their lives.

A modern interpretation of the classical times.

A unique vision of the past. A ‘new old’. Bessa recreates the sensations and the stories of earlier times through Design. A past full of exciting memories inspiring feelings of nostalgia.

Many of our customers/clients come to us needing recommendation of items from our list of brands to inject excitement into their space and from a handful of other brands, we never fail to recommend and show them Bessa's Catalogue as we feel that Bessa's pieces speaks for itself.

The discipline of design is a blend of practicality and aspiration. Designers are always trying to make something more useful, and also more beautiful, than it was before. Beauty is a key ingredient in life, and too many people forget that. Practicality without beauty is just boring! You don't have to make dramatic changes to your space to introduce small moments of beauty!

Add any one of Bessa's pieces into your interior space and we can assure you it'll capture the heart of many, as every piece tells a story.


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